10/14/2014 Letter to DRBC

Lower Delaware River Wild & Scenic Management Committee  
Carol Hoffmann,
New Jersey Chair  
Nancy Janyszeski,
Pennsylvania Chair
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October 14, 2014  
Steven J. Tambini,
Executive Director  
Delaware River Basin Commission

 25 State Police Drive
PO Box 7360  West Trenton NJ

Dear Mr. Tambini:

We are contacting you on behalf of the Lower Delaware River Wild & Scenic Management Committee. We represent the Delaware River communities from south of the Delaware Water Gap to Washington Crossing State Park, county and state agencies and non-profit conservation organizations interested in protecting river resources.

The Management Committee held its annual meeting on October 6, 2014, in New Jersey. At this meeting the Management Committee voted unanimously to request the Delaware River Basin Commission, pursuant to its authority and obligations under Section 3.8 of the Delaware River Basin Compact, to exercise its jurisdiction under the Compact and the current rules of Practice and Procedure over the PennEast gas transmission pipeline project.

The PennEast pipeline is proposed to pass through a significant portion of the Lower Delaware Wild & Scenic corridor. We are concerned with the project’s potential adverse impacts to the lower Delaware River, with its great diversity of significant resources.

A high density of population and recreational opportunities combine with a wealth of natural, cultural and historic features of national significance. The river valley contains habitats that do not occur elsewhere in the region. The River is also an important component of the Atlantic Flyway. From an historic viewpoint, the River is one of the most significant corridors in the nation. The corridor contains buildings used during Washington's crossing, historic navigation canals, Native American and colonial era archaeological sites and mills. Just as important is the magnificent scenery supported by unique geological features in the river corridor.

The DRBC and the National Park Service are parties to the Lower Delaware Wild & Scenic and are strongly encouraged to exercise their jurisdiction and authority to provide review and comment pursuant to the Management Plan for the Lower Delaware National Wild & Scenic River.  


Signature  Carol Hoffmann, New Jersey Chair 
Signature Nancy Janyszeski , Pennsylvania Chair  

cc: Chuck Barscz, Division Chief, National Wild & Scenic Rivers
Julie Bell, River Manager, NPS